Wilson Basketball

A Wilson Basketball is the perfect way to go if you’re looking to play some basketball. Wilson is the official basketball of the NCAA tournaments, and is used by college players during the season as well. Wilson Basketballs come in both indoor and outdoor varieties, for the serious player to the casual. Playing with an indoor basketball is great, but there is the caveat that it has to be broken in a bit before it’s optimal for play. The indoor balls are usually made of leather, but sometimes, a synthetic variant may also be used. The outdoor balls have a different feel to them than the indoor ones. It’s nice to have an outdoor ball, because there are a lot of places to play outdoors for free. The outdoor balls won’t wear out quickly on outdoor surfaces like indoor ones will. These balls are usually made from rubber or a similar synthetic component, so a few properties like grip and bounce are a little bit different from thier indoor variants. Indoor or outdoor, Wilson basketballs are a classic, and a really good investment if you find yourself needing a new ball to play some hoops with.

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